The Alameda County Registrar released unofficial results of the instant runoff computer program for ranked choice voting at 3:47pm today on their website, revealing Jean Quan in the lead to be the next mayor of Oakland.

Gaza, Oakland. A Primer.

The situation in Oakland is clearly deteriorating. Relations between the police and poor or struggling communities have been tense, and the killing of Oscar grant was clearly the last straw.
Gaza is also a deteriorating situation. Following the 1967 war between Israel and the surrounding Arab countries it was under military occupation. In 2005 the Prime minister of Israel withdrew its settlers and military from the Gaza strip, but maintained control over Gazan borders, airspace, coastline, infrastructure, power, and imports-exports.
Comparing Gaza and Oakland is tempting because things that happen there happen here also. But it is a true false analogy because of the vast differences.

Gaza, Oakland. Not the same shit.

While human rights connect many issues facing the world today, it is altogether inaccurate to directly compare police brutality and the police-community relationship in Oakland, and the Israeli-Palestinian relationship in Gaza.

Ella Baker Center Director: “I feel blessed to be alive right now”

Oakland native tells Laney students, “Your lives are powerful”

By Ryan Ariel Simon

Raised in East Oakland, Jakada Imani has made a career of affecting positive change in his community. As executive director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights since 2007, Imani said he works with his colleagues to “find and promote solutions to lift up low—income communities, communities of color, and urban communities all over the country.

Opinion: Should the Merserle Trial be Moved out of Oakland? Yes!

Ryan A. Simon posted to Laney Tower website 1/18/10 @ 7:03 PM PST This event, and this issue, is a charged one to say the least, on that I think we can all agree. I find serious flaws in both Laney College teacher Chris Weidenbach’s piece, as well as its commentators. They both reflect deep … Continue reading