Video Journalists Reach Across Gaza-Israel Divide

Israeli video journalists Harvey Stein and Palestinian Nasser Najjar team up to report on the Israel-Gaza conflict from both sides of the border.

As journalists die so does free speech

Another innocent has fallen in Mexico’s increasingly brutal drug war, and the chance for free society to flourish is falling along with them…Here in our own backyard Oakland Post editor Chauncey Bailey was murdered just blocks from Laney while working on several stories investigating corruption in the Oakland Police Department, and shady finances of Your Black Muslim Bakery.

Will the Real Journalists Please Stand Up?

Over 50 years ago Murrow warned corporate executives deciding news content would endanger television news in a drive for ratings. He reminded “those of you who labor in this vineyard that produces words and pictures” the responsibility and influence they had was unprecedented, and advised them to use it wisely.
Watch network or cable television and its clear, their “reporters” have only a rudimentary understanding of the subject, and lack basic professionalism.