November 5, 2010

By Ryan Ariel Simon, Laney Tower Staff Writer

The Alameda County Registrar released unofficial results of the instant runoff computer program for ranked choice voting at 3:47pm today on their website, revealing Jean Quan in the lead to be the next mayor of Oakland.

The computer program, which eliminates the ballot choice with the fewest votes every round, was run this afternoon by Registrar Technical Director Dave MacDonald and his staff.

After the ninth round, current Councilwoman Jean Quan had received 43,825 votes, or 51.09-percent of the total, former State Senator Don Perata received 41,949 or 48.91-percent.

If the results hold, Quan can thank voters who chose Rebecca Kaplan first. Kaplan would transfer just about 5 thousand votes to Perata, and over 15 thousand votes to Quan, giving her a 1,876 vote lead.

The registrar has yet to announce any results because all provisional ballots had not been certified, and mail-in ballots—including absentee—have not yet been finally accumulated.

The preliminary results are viewable at:

The PDF Report is downloadable here:



UPDATE From Bay Citizen reporter Zusha Elinson:

In an enormous upset, Jean Quan won the race to be Oakland’s next mayor.

The hard-working but less-than-exciting City Council member defeated former state Sen. Don Perata and his costly campaign to win over Oakland’s voters. In the final tally released Wednesday at 6 p.m., Quan captured 50.98 percent of the vote, while Perata received 49.02 percent, in the city’s first experience with ranked-choice voting.


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