Video Journalists Reach Across Gaza-Israel Divide

21 Apr 2010- Jerusalem, Israel

Israeli video journalists Harvey Stein and Palestinian Nasser Najjar team up to report on the Israel-Gaza conflict from both sides of the border.

Stein made this video with the Gazan Najjar while he was living in Gaza City. “It was great to work with him, and try to bridge the divide,” said Stein, who made the video for the VJ Movement.

The movement is a “collaboration of more than 150 professional video journalists and cartoonists from almost 100 countries.” As journalists they believe that ‚ÄúThere is more than one truth. That means offering different perspectives on a story and letting you, the user, decide.”

More of Stein’s videos are viewable on his Facebook page, including the trailer to his feature documentary-in-progress, “Truth Power,” on the courageous Palestinian activist Khaled Mahameed. In March 2005 Mahameed, an Muslim Arab-Israeli Muslim lawyer, established The Arab Institute for the Holocaust Research and Education, a Holocaust Memorial located in Nazareth, Israel.


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