Run-off election update from BCC

Interviews with ASBCC Presidential candidates Senator William Snell and Student Trustee Yvonne Thompson

May 10, Berkeley, CAI caught Berkeley City College Senator William Snell in the ASBCC office this afternoon to ask him a few questions about his candidacy for President of the Associated Students of BCC. Student Trustee Yvonne Thompson answered the same questions in an e-mail response. Answers are edited for clarity.

The run-off election between him and Student Trustee Yvonne Thompson is May 11. In the April 21-22 elections at BCC, where approximately 5,000 both full and part-time students attend, neither candidate received more than the required 51% of the vote. In the first round, Thompson received 92 votes, William Snell 80.

BCC Senator William Snell

Senator William Snell

Ryan: I appreciate your time. Why are you running for ASBCC President?

Senator Snell: Why? Because I feel they (The ASBCC) need new leadership. After being at the ASBCC for a year, I saw how things run. I am running because over the past two years we’ve had some of the same people at the ASBCC, and I felt its time for a change.

I am a PACE (Program for Adult College Education) student, that’s one reason why I became a senator, to represent PACE. We didn’t have representation; we didn’t know what was going on at BCC because everything happens during the day.

We have stuff going on around the budget cuts and financial aid, but we need to concentrate on students. Here at BCC, students haven’t been represented at district meetings and for shared governance, and as president I can push for that more, concentrate more on students at BCC—not just PACE students but all students.

Ryan: How do you feel you would be more effective than Student Trustee Thompson?

Senator Snell: She is mainly a Laney student; I have been fulltime at BCC since 2008. There is a different personality here at BCC. Students know me, know what they’re looking for, and I know how they should be represented.

Ryan: It has been hard to get information; there seems to be a lot of confusion around procedures for students with regard to administration, student leadership. Do you agree? How can this be improved?

Senator Snell: In some ways I do agree, but there has been a transition at BCC, which I am not really at liberty to talk about. That’s why there was some confusion, and I’ve been volunteering to keep confusion down

As you know we went part of the semester without a student activities advisor, that’s where a lot of the confusion occurred.

I am just a student so there are a lot of things I’m not privy to with regard to the administration.

I’ve kept things going so students could still get their and financial aid checks, and student ID’s, which allows them to use the library and computer centers. We have lost student workers because of financial aid issues, without that there would have been more confusion.

Ryan: Alright, William Snell, thank you very much.

Student Trustee Yvonne Thompson

Student Trustee Yvonne Thompson

Ryan: I appreciate your time. Why are you running for ASBCC President?

Student Trustee Thompson: I felt that the students at BCC needed to feel connected, to have more communication and to know what’s going on.  I also want to train new leaders and leave a legacy by sharing the knowledge that I have attained.

Ryan: How do you feel you would be more effective than Senator Snell?

Student Trustee Thompson: I have experience, I also have the ability to motivate students, give them a sense of ownership on their campus.  I have a genuine respect for people and it shows in how I talk to people, I am consistent, I want to inspire them to become a part of the community. I have established relationships that may help to open broader doors.

Ryan: It has been hard to get information as far as student activities, there seems to be a lot of confusion around procedures for students, when asking administration, student leadership. Do you agree? How can this be improved?

Student Trustee Thompson: In the past several years in Peralta, it has been quite difficult to get students involved.  I believe that things are changing when it comes to disseminating information.  Every year, the district has set-up training sessions that familiarize students with the procedures and information. I believe that because of changes in Associated Student membership, or the lack of participation, information just doesn’t get passed on.  Sometimes people just go through the motions; we need dedication to growth. That is what I would like to create.

Ryan: Alright, Yvonne Thompson, thank you very much.

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