Israeli Navy Clashes with Activist Boat “Flotilla” Headed for Gaza

As reports of tragedy started coming in last night, friends and I debated into the night how this would affect Israel and the Middle East in the following weeks. First we heard that the Israeli Navy opened fire on the boats, then we heard the activists had attacked Israeli troops. In any case, this is not good news for the region. This morning Jeremy Ben-Ami, President of J Street, put out this statement on the J Street Blog:

In Wake of Flotilla Tragedy, J Street Urges Stronger US Leadership to End Conflict Now

Jerusalemite to Bay Area Jews: ‘Your involvement will help bring peace’

For Gershom Gorenberg, author of The Accidental Empire: Israel and the Birth of the Settlements, 1967-1977, Israeli settlements across the Green Line threaten the very existence of the State of Israel.
Sporting a substantial, graying beard, and flashing a trademark Jewish sense of self-deprecating, poignant humor, Gorenberg alternated between comedy and solemnity as he spoke Friday, April 23 to an audience of around 100 mostly Jewish, Bay Area residents at the Downtown campus of San Francisco State University.

2009-2010 Different Year, These San Jose Sharks a Different Team

Personally, I’m getting tired of many of my fellows in the sports media. Is the only opinion they can muster on the San Jose Sharks the played out, overused storyline that they are chokers?

Through a four-two series victory over an upstart Colorado Avalanche team, and a quick five game burying of the vaunted Detroit Red Wings the Sharks have already in coach Todd McLellan’s words “overcome adversity.”

Tough Tourism on Hollywood and Vine

At the Journalism Association of Community Colleges the Laney Tower team—consisting of three staff writers—set out on Hollywood boulevard to get a story for the Team Feature 2.0 competition, they took fourth place. This is the story of Jaime, a Hollywood tour bus company owner.

Run-off election update from BCC

May 10, Berkeley, CA – I caught Berkeley City College Senator William Snell in the ASBCC office this afternoon to ask him a few questions about his candidacy for President of the Associated Students of BCC. Student Trustee Yvonne Thompson answered the same questions in an e-mail response. Answers are edited for clarity.

The run-off election between him and Student Trustee Yvonne Thompson is May 11. In the April 21-22 elections at BCC, where approximately 5,000 both full and part-time students attend, neither candidate received more than the required 51% of the vote. In the first round, Thompson received 92 votes, William Snell 80.

Peralta Board Belatedly Adopts 2009-10 Budget

The Peralta Community College District Board of Trustee’s unanimously adopted a 2009-10 budget last Tuesday night April 27, more than seven months later than is required by district bylaws.

Will the Real Journalists Please Stand Up?

Over 50 years ago Murrow warned corporate executives deciding news content would endanger television news in a drive for ratings. He reminded “those of you who labor in this vineyard that produces words and pictures” the responsibility and influence they had was unprecedented, and advised them to use it wisely.
Watch network or cable television and its clear, their “reporters” have only a rudimentary understanding of the subject, and lack basic professionalism.

Why Alex Stalock Will Be the San Jose Sharks’ Next Great Goaltender

Mark my words. In two years Alex Stalock will be the starting netminder for the San Jose Sharks.