A view on Peralta’s Budget

I write in response to the news article titled “Peralta budget faces stark reality check” in the Dec. 10 edition of the Tower.
I suggest the Peralta Board of Trustees reserve money to give Ingar Stark a bonus. Hats off to Ms. Stark for holding public officials accountable for their failure to prepare an adequate 2009-2010 budget document. The Peralta District, and its students deserve better. While student anger is sometimes misdirected at best, and uninformed at worst, it’s natural given the lack of transparency exhibited by California’s public school administrators. In the absence of knowledge those in charge bear the brunt of resentment, this should by now be well understood. If a severe lack of funds necessitates cuts to Peralta services or faculty, administrators should share the pain. By first taking a voluntary pay cut they will truly demonstrate the seriousness of the situation.


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